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Health Insurance with Discount through Alten

You can take out a group health insurance through your employer. For this we have made special agreements with various insurers about premium discounts and additional benefits. Below you can see what insurances are available to each insurer and you can apply for the insurance immediately. The offer is also for your partner and children.

– 15% discount additional and dental insurance
– Employees’ basic insurance policies are extended with a reimbursement for OpenUp. The reimbursement is: 3 preventive psychological consultations at OpenUp.

Your group number is : 10008

 Attention! Only a few hospitals have a contract for the Natura Select Basic Insurance.

Offer CZ

– 15% discount additional and dental insurance
– A large compensation for orthodontics

Your group number is 4622154


The FitzMe portal is an online platform with practical information, exercises and various health programs. With the FitzMe portal you can get started with the most common occupational risks, such as work stress, physical strain and sleeping problems.

Customer Benefit

CZ policyholders receive a discount on products such as glasses, sunscreen, water bottles, etc.

Offer Menzis

  • 12% discount additional and dental insurances.

Your group number is 48636


SamenGezond is a savings programm you can earn points and you can spend in the webshop on discount or special products related to healthcare. Or you can donate for a good cause. 


The above overview is an indication that no rights can be derived from. For all conditions, consult the website of the insurer.