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Health Insurance with Discount through Radisson BLU

You can take out a group health insurance through your employer. For this we have made special agreements with various insurers about premium discounts and additional benefits. Below you can see what insurances are available to each insurer and you can apply for the insurance immediately. The offer is also for your partner and children.

Be-insured offers you support. You can reach us all year.

If you prefer more information, please contact us at 055-360 0102.

15% discount additional and dental insurance

Every employee who takes out basic insurance will receive the following allowances for free;

4  physiotherapy treatments (also on top of the regular treatments from the supplementary insurance).
€250 diet advice
€ 125 for company psychological help and e-health
accident insurance in the event of death € 12,500 and in the event of permanent disability a maximum of € 25,000

Attention! Only a few hospitals have a contract for the Natura Select Basic Insurance.

Offer Menzis

10% discount additional and dental insurances

Your group number is 55391





SamenGezond is a savings programm you can earn points and you can spend in the webshop on discount or special products related to healthcare. Or you can donate for a good cause.


Offer Zilveren Kruis

5% discount additional and dental insurance

Your group number is: 207073808



Actify provides the inspiration you and motivate you need to make healthy lifestyle changes in small enjoyable steps.

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